#TMPC19 was a great event, thanks to all who joined us!


Seth Nyer has over 15 years of experience in strategic development of operations and marketing. He's used his engineering education for building scalable marketing strategies in startups, mid-size companies and Billion dollar private brands. As Director of Operations and Marketing for Hey Cupcake!, in Austin, TX, Seth helped successfully scale this food truck lifestyle brand to $2M in revenue before selling and successfully exiting. His experience with the Hey Cupcake! brand gave him a unique perspective on storytelling, experiential marketing and product development. After Hey Cupcake!, his passion turned towards developing sustainable and socially conscientious brands touting enormous social responsibilities. 

With Bee Delightful, their commitment to bringing balance to our planet through honey bee conservation is contagious to their team and customers. As they learn more about Cannabis, Honey Bees and their historical relevance to the biological evolution of Human Beings, they are committed to developing products that are good for us and the planet.