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Lisa Pittman

Throughout Lisa’s nearly 20 year career, she has litigated and tried disputes relating to labor & employment, breach of contract, commercial banking, fraud, fiduciary duty, construction defect and injury, deceptive trade practices, premises liability, professional liability, and products liability. Lisa also possesses extensive expertise in complex commercial insurance coverage matters, having both defended insurance companies and advocated for policy holders in commercial and residential property and life insurance matters.  Lisa is also a prolific publisher of peer reviewed publications and frequent public speaker.

After 15 years of practice, Lisa almost left the law to focus on opening a wellness center for women to consult about plant-based therapies and nutrition, as part of a life-long passion for children’s health that began with her volunteer work as a teenager at Texas Children’s Hospital. In 2014, Lisa read the testimony of Texas mothers with children with epilepsy, detailing the treatment and life choices they had to make for their children’s conditions. This led her to learn more the cannabis plant’s other healing properties. In pursuit of this fact-finding mission, she attended a nationwide cannabis conference in Denver, Colorado in January 2015. This alerted her to the fact that cannabis as medicine was sweeping the country, that there were many legitimate studies, discoveries, and breakthroughs in other countries, which convinced her to involve herself in changing the laws in Texas. 

Lisa unwittingly found a way to merge her passion for wellness with her profession as a business attorney by focusing her practice on the legal cannabis and hemp industries. After advocating for medical cannabis in Texas for the 2015 Texas Compassionate Use Act and representing license applicants under the Program in 2017 and advocating for expansion to the Program, Lisa moved to Colorado to learn the practicalities of practicing law in a legal regulated environment for cannabis and hemp, and to earn her Colorado Bar license. Lisa worked with a former DEA Task Force Commander and Narcotics Prosecutor to learn the federal government’s stance on cannabis legalization and enforcement to counsel clients on federal risk mitigation and local law enforcement issues. She also became immersed in the boom in the hemp industry, as the 2014 Farm Bill’s legalization of industrial hemp was coming to fruition in Colorado. 

From her participation in the nascent cannabis and hemp industry, Lisa began to represent a broad range of clients from investors to ancillary service and product providers to “plant touching” companies. Some of these clients have now expanded into other countries. In pursuit of becoming a leader and authority in this area, Lisa has become familiar with the many challenges facing cannabis and hemp businesses, such as tax, banking, insurance, and regulatory compliance issues, and she has grown a vast network of experts to assist in these areas. Lisa keeps abreast of the evolving laws, news and deals occurring in the cannabis and hemp industries across the world on a daily basis, and is frequently interviewed by media herself. She maintains an educational website called TexasHempLaw.com. Lisa now serves as Special Counsel to Tannenbaum, Trost & Burk, LLC and Director of its Texas offices. 

From her extensive work in defending or taking a position on a contract in litigation, Lisa is adept at negotiation and contract drafting, and her a broad base of knowledge in many legal areas provides her the ability to give all around business and legal advice to clients in the cannabis and hemp industries, such as investment and growth strategies, as well as risk management and mitigation to avoid civil litigation, criminal prosecution, or regulatory violations. Lisa has assisted cannabis and hemp license applicants in multiple states across the country, including guiding Louisiana State University through its rollout of Louisiana’s medical marijuana program. A native Texan, Lisa’s work in the legalization movement in Texas and throughout the South has earned her the title, “The First Lady of Texas Cannabis Law.”

Lisa is a leader in the American Bar Association (ABA), a nationwide membership network of elite attorneys. She presented its first cannabis Continuing Legal Education (CLE) course at its annual meeting in New York City in August 2017. She is Vice-Chair of the Business Litigation, Product Liability, and Corporate Counsel Committees of the Tort, Trial, and Insurance Law Section (TIPS). She is a founding Steering Committee member in the newly formed Cannabis Law & Policy Task Force Committee, as a result of the success of her groundbreaking CLE.  This Task Force led to the creation by the ABA of an ongoing Cannabis Law & Policy Committee, on which Lisa serves as the Vice-Chair of Publications. 

Lisa also writes annual articles tracking the evolution of contract law across the country for the TIPS Law Journal, served on its Editorial Board for three years, and currently serves on the TortSource magazine editorial board. She graduated from the American Bar Association’s nomination-based biennial Leadership Academy in 2015, and the Austin Bar Association’s Leadership Academy in 2016. Lisa also graduated from the highly selective Leadership Austin, Essentials Class of 2017, an organization that brings together 55 civic leaders each year to meet for a whole day once a month to tackle the challenges confronting the growth of Austin. 

Lisa’s is also passionate about empowering women in business. In 2012, she founded a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to hold events to promote referrals, networking, and mentoring among female professionals of various industries. Executive Moms’ Society’s first meeting hosted Brene Brown, and recently, Sheryl Sandberg.