Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy is proud to be hosting the second annual statewide Texas Marijuana Policy Conference. Attendees will hear from legislators, political operatives, attorneys, health-care professionals, celebrities, veterans, patients, and other advocates. Attendees will also have the option of dining with our special guests for lunch all three days, as well as an awards banquet on Saturday night.

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Event Schedule (Tentative)

Friday, August 30

9am - Registration Opens

10am - Opening Session

11:15am - Breakout Sessions

  • Repealing Federal Prohibition: Where do we stand?
  • Cannabis 101
  • Texas Compassionate Use Program: What changed and who qualifies?

12:30pm - Lunch (Keynote Speaker)

2pm - Breakout Sessions

  • Marijuana Prohibition from a Law Enforcement Perspective
  • Hemp in Texas: How will the program be implemented?

3:15pm - Breakout Sessions

  • Advocacy: Relationship Building, Effective Arguments, and Sharing your Testimony
  • Cannabis is Medicine: Success Stories from Patients and Caregivers
  • Hemp Cultivations, Products, and Innovation

4:30pm - Breakout Sessions

  • Workshop: Who represents you and how did they vote on reform?
  • Cannabis, Faith, and Family - Talking about Cannabis
  • Processing Cannabis in Texas (Technology and Best Practices)

6pm - Evening Reception

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Saturday, August 31

9am - Registration Open 

10am - Breakout Sessions

  • Economics of New Cannabis Markets
  • Patients: Resources and what you need to know in Texas
  • Product Accountability: Labs, Testing, and Labeling

11:15am - Breakout Sessions

  • Patient Protections: Gun rights, employment, CPS, and more.
  • Cannabis Consumer Education: Identifying Quality Products
  • Finances: Taxes, Accounting, and Banking

12:30pm - Lunch (Keynote Speaker) 2pm - Breakout Sessions

  • Criminal Charges: Expunging an Arrest Record (and helping others!)
  • Cannabis Therapeutics: Dosing Titration, and Safety
  • Medical Cannabis Cultivation, Products, and Innovation

3:15pm - Breakout Sessions

  • Regulatory Advocacy: Making the Rules for Hemp and Medical Cannabis
  • Endocannabinoid System: How does cannabis work with the body?
  • Investing in Cannabis

6pm - Awards Banquet (Semi-formal Cocktail Party, Dinner, Silent Auction, and Keynote Speaker)

Recommend a Speaker

Please submit your recommendations for individuals, businesses, and organizations who could add value to our pool of information and resources. 

Please also indicate whether you would be willing to contribute toward their travel expenses to join us in Austin.

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Sunday, September 1

9am - Registration Open

 10am - Breakout Sessions

  • PTSD, Pain, and Cannabis
  • Cannabis Jobs: Working in the Industry

11:15am - Breakout Sessions

  • Leadership Training: Empowering Others, Managing Contacts, Media Training, etc.
  • Cannabis Genetics: Certified Seeds and Clones
  • Entrepreneurs: Building your brand, your team, and your network. 

12:30pm - Lunch (Keynote Speaker and Closing Remarks)

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With your tax-deductible sponsorship, you’ll help us empower Texans with the tools they need to engage in their communities and with the legislature. It’s imperative that canna-businesses and other companies support advocacy work toward better policy. 

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