#TMPC19 was a great event, thanks to all who joined us!

Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy is proud to be hosting the second annual statewide Texas Marijuana Policy Conference. Attendees will hear from policy makers, political operatives, attorneys, health-care professionals, celebrities, veterans, patients, and other advocates. Attendees will also have the option of dining with our special guests for lunch all three days, as well as an semi-formal banquet on Saturday night.


Event Schedule

Friday, August 30

9am - Registration Opens

10am - Opening Session

11:15am - Breakout Sessions

1) The Texas Compassionate Use Program: What is Covered, Who

Qualifies, and What’s Changed? (CLE Accredited)

  • John Pitts Jr. (Texas Star Alliance)
  • Chase Bearden (Coalition of Texans with Disabilities)
  • Lisa Pittman (Partner, Thomas Pittman P.C.)

2) Workshop: Who represents you and how did they vote on reform?

  • Heather Fazio (Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy)

3) Marijuana Prohibition: The Current Landscape and A Review

of Proposed Legislation. (CLE Accredited)

  • Professor Franklin Snyder (Texas A&M School of Law)
  • Michael Correia (National Cannabis Industry Association)
  • Justin Strekal (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws)
  • Margot Witvliet, Ph.D. (Lamar University)

12:30pm - Lunch (Keynote: Marvin Washington)

2pm - Breakout Sessions

1) Marijuana Prohibition from a Law Enforcement Perspective (CLE Accredited)

  • Pete Stout, Ph.D (Houston Forensics Science Center)
  • Shannon Edmonds (Texas District and County Attorneys Association)
  • Professor Julie Stone (Adjunct professor at Texas State and former prosecutor with Texas Attorney General’s office)
  • Derek Cohen (Texas Public Policy Foundation)

2) Cannabis is Medicine: Success Stories from Patients and Caregivers

  • Kelly Myers (Patient: Blood Cancer Survivor)
  • Greg Fowler (Caregiver: Daughter with Tourette Syndrome)
  • Thomas Jackson (Patient: Battling Bone Cancer)
  • Erin Council (Moderator)

3) Regulatory Advocacy: Making the Rules for Hemp and Medical Cannabis

  • Sal Barnes (Marijuana Policy Group)
  • Lisa Pittman (Partner, Thomas Pittman P.C.)
  • Dan Hunter (Assistant Agricultural Commissioner, State of Texas)

3:15pm - Breakout Sessions

1) Advocacy: Relationship Building, Effective Arguments, and Sharing your Testimony

  • Jax Finkel (Moderator, Foundation for an Informed Texas)
  • Nico Murillo (Texans for Safe Access)
  • Tom Brite (Caregiver, Advocate)
  • Chase Bearden (Coalition of Texans with Disabilities)

2) Hemp in Texas: Issues in Implementation (CLE Accredited)

  • Courtney Barnes (Associate Attorney, Vicente Sederberg LLP)
  • Chelsie Spencer (Partner, Ritter Spencer PLLC)
  • Richard Y. Cheng (Partner, DLA Piper, LLP)

3) Hemp Cultivation, Products, and Innovation

  • Erin Mason (Veteran and Hemp Farm Entrepreneur)
  • Rudy Montes (Veteran, Entrepreneur: Phoenix LLC)
  • Ford Smith (Ultranative)
  • Rick Trojan (Hemp Industries Association)

4:30pm - Breakout Sessions

1) Legal and Scientific Issues in Increasing Medical Cannabis Research (CLE Accredited)

  • Sue Sisley, MD (Lead Investigator, Scottsdale Research Institute)
  • Shane Pennington (Attorney, Yetter Coleman LLP)
  • Matthew Zorn (Attorney, Yetter Coleman LLP)

2) Cannabis, Faith, and Family - Talking about Cannabis

  • Senior District Judge John Delaney
  • Jason Rink (Libertarian Christian Institute)
  • Jason Vaughn (Pro-life Texas, Texas Young Republicans)
  • Thad Crouch (Catholic consistent life ethicist)
  • Aseem Ali (Muslim Entrepreneur, Alamo Remedy)

3) Processing Cannabis in Texas (Technology and Best Practices)

  • Jennifer Blossom (Xabis Processing Laboratory, Compassionate Cultivation)

6pm - Evening Reception

  • Live music and light hors d’oeuvres

Saturday, August 31

9am - Registration Open 

10am - Breakout Sessions

1) Economics of New Cannabis Markets

  • Sal Barnes (Marijuana Policy Group)

2) Patients: Resources and what you need to know in Texas

  • Christina Burke (Director of Patient Advocacy, Compassionate Cultivation)

3) Product Accountability: Labs, Testing, and Labeling

  • Tori Strong, Ph.D (Vyripharm Biopharmaceuticals)

11:15am - Breakout Sessions

1) Patient Protections: Gun rights, employment, CPS, and more.

  • Joshua Raines (Purple Heart recipient, patient, and advocate)
  • Rachel Malone (Gun Owners of America)
  • Daniel Clancy (Attorney, Former Criminal Court Judge)

2) Cannabis Consumer Education: Identifying Quality Products

  • Mary Olivar (Moderator, Greenbelt Capital)
  • Chelsey Lewis (PrimaHemp)
  • Amanda Crawford (My Jane)
  • Jae Graham (MaryJae)

3) Finances: Taxes, Accounting, and Banking

  • Summer Wilkinson, CPA (Leaf Book CFO Services LLC)
  • Rachel Kennerly, CPA (The Grow CFO)

12:30pm - Lunch (Keynote: Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg) 

2pm - Breakout Sessions

1) Criminal Charges: Expunging an Arrest Record (and helping others!)

  • Daniel Hall (Attorney)
  • Kyle Hoelscher (Attorney)

2) Cannabis Therapeutics: Dosing Titration, and Safety

  • Nishi Whiteley (International Cannabis and Cannabinoid Institute)

3) Smoke and Mirrors in Medicine: Fact/Fiction in the Medical Literature

  • Wendy Askew, M.D.

3:15pm - Breakout Sessions

1) Cannabis 101

  • Anita Sommers (Certified Microbiology Technologist)

2) Making Cannabis a Campaign Issue

  • Aaron Day (Texas Cannabis PAC)
  • Cliff Maloney, Jr. (Young Americans for Liberty)
  • Lillian Salerno (Political Advisor)
  • Brendan Steinhauser (Steinhauser Strategies)

3) Investing in Cannabis

  • Ford Smith (Ultranative)
  • Carlos Martinez (Greenbelt Capital)
  • Mary Olivar (Greenbelt Capital)

6pm - Banquet (Semi-formal Cocktail Party, Dinner, Silent Auction, and Keynote: Thomas Pickens III)

Sunday, September 1

9am - Registration Open

 10am - Breakout Sessions

1) PTSD, Pain, and Cannabis

  • April Martinez (Veteran and Patient)
  • Amy Hawthorne Harper (Veteran and Nurse)
  • Bryon Adinoff, MD (Retired addiction psychiatrist from UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas)

2) Cannabis Jobs: Working in the Industry

  • Trey Tijerina (Texas Cannabis Business Alliance)

3) Should Texas Legalize Marijuana?

  • John Baucum (Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition)
  • Jay Hall, Ph.D. (Retired Lieutenant, Houston PD)
  • Aubree Adams (Moms Strong)
  • Ryan Poppe (Sr. Political Reporter, Texas Public Radio)

11:15am - Breakout Sessions

1) Leadership Training: Empowering Others, Managing Contacts, Media Training, etc.

  • Jax Finkel (Foundation for an Informed Texas)
  • David Bass (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, Texas Chapter)

2) Cannabis Genetics: Certified Seeds and Clones -- Sponsored by Let's Grow Genetics!

  • Justin Walton (Let's Grow Genetics)
  • Mary Olivar (Greenbelt Capital)

3) Entrepreneurs: Building your brand, your team, and your network. 

  • Robert Head (Veteran, Entrepreneur: Blue Cord Farms)
  • Seth Nyer (Entrepreneur: Bee Delightful)
  • Elizabeth Hogan (Willie's Remedy)
  • Trey Tijerina (Moderator)

12:30pm - Lunch (Keynote Speakers: Texas State Senator José Menéndez and Adrian Moore, Ph.D. of the Reason Foundation)

Closing Remarks