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Erin Council

Erin Council is a research biologist for CBD Houston LLC. She began working

with CBD Houston after graduating from the University of Montevallo with a B.A. in biology and

chemistry. Erin developed a passion for research after several undergraduate research projects.

Now, she continually develop a deeper passion for cannabidiol research. Because some

prescription medications produce adverse effects and even dependency, Erin aspires to educate

individuals on safe medicine alternatives such as cannabidiol. She believe scientific research is

difficult to understand for some individuals, so she have designed her work to provide clear

explanations of scientific data pertaining to cannabidiol's role as an antipsychotic,

antinociceptive, anticancer, anticonvulsant, and anxiolytic among others.

Erin's research currently involves a review on the application of cannabidiol in chronic pain

management. This review was submitted to be published in The Journal of Pain. Because

cannabidiol has become popular for golfers with chronic pain, she was asked to discuss her

research with Texas Golf Insider's Mike and Dave on TGI radio. Erin furthered this research with a

latter review on cannabidiol as an opioid-sparing medication, also submitted to The Journal of

Pain. She will continue to combine scientific research pertaining to each benefit of cannabidiol into

easy-to-read reviews.