#TMPC19 was a great event, thanks to all who joined us!

Anita R. Sommers, M(ASCP)

Born  and raised in Texas, Anita Sommers (or more popularly known as the CBD Genie) has taken on the mission to educate the masses on the biochemistry of the Endocannabinoid System in a fun memorable comprehensive way as a Cannabis Science Communicator.  

Speaking all over the great state of Texas from Amarillo to Rio Grande Valley, Houston, Beaumont, Dallas, Ft Worth, and of course her hometown Austin, & The Texas State Capitol she is inspired to do the right thing.   

Her integrity, moral compass, and empathy stems from her 8 1/2 years in the Air Force, 12 years as a medical professional: currently diagnosing infectious diseases in the Microbiology department in a clinical lab, and most importantly as a patient with a cannabis testimony. Leading with science and educating the therapeutic compounds of cannabis is where she finds her passion.   She enjoys learning something new everyday, she is a kind soul, a hugger and an OG cannabis warrior.......CBD Genie.